10 Benefits of Eating Grass Fed Meat

The amazing benefits of eating grass-fed meat make it the choice for you, the planet and the animals! Here’s ten great reasons to choose grass-fed over grain-fed, every time!


  1. Happier, Healthier Animals

Grazing on the pastures of the land is Mother Nature’s way – grass fed animals have the freedom to roam uninhibited in their natural environment for an entire lifetime. They enjoy a natural diet, fresh air and the glorious light of day – just as nature intended! Grass fed animals roam free all day every day, this has been shown to reduce their stress levels and even prevents the spread of disease. They also have far fewer human touch points, reducing the innate fear they experience when we approach them.


  1. Regenerative Agriculture – Carbon Negative Production

Grass fed animals eat off the land and in-turn fertilise the grass by distributing their very own manure across the fields. By walking and chewing, the animals “work” the grasses, herbs and wild flowers. This process of naturally fertilising the land sequesters carbon into the soil – meaning that this style of farming is REGENERATIVE and constantly improves the make up of the soil. As grass fed animals do not eat grains transported from across the globe, they reduce carbon emissions and when buying from a farm shop or local butcher, you further reduce your carbon miles. The whole process then becomes future proof and benefits the planet considerably.


  1. It’s the Sustainable Choice for Meat Eaters

Pasture for Life meat (the gold standard of grass fed) has an overall net positive impact on the environment. Animals that eat from the land are reared with lower emissions and lower greenhouse gasses. Grass fed farming also protects precious ecosystems, through methods such as rotational grazing which deposit minerals back into the land and allow it time to recover and regrow – the circle of life!


  1. Higher in Vitamins and Minerals

Consuming a grass fed diet produces meat which is higher in multiple essential vitamins and minerals. Compared to their grain-fed counterparts, grass fed meat is higher in B Vitamins, Vitamins A & E, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and beta-carotene – which has powerful antioxidant properties.


  1. Higher in Healthy Fats

Grass fed meat is naturally higher in amazing Omega-3 fatty acids by as much as 50%, it also has a more healthful balance of Omega-3 to Omega-6, which has an anti-inflammatory effect in the body and promotes heart health.


  1. Rich in Antioxidants

Grass fed meat is higher in powerful antioxidants, particularly Glutathione, which helps to destroy free radicals in the body and so prevent disease.


  1. Higher in Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

CLA is another type of fatty acid which has been shown to have amazing health benefits, perhaps best known for its cancer-fighting properties. Pasture-fed meat provides a natural source which hasn’t been tampered with or artificially modified and is 100% higher in CLA than grain-fed meat!


  1. Free from Harmful Herbicides and Pesticides

Grass-fed meat is reared using organic farming principles – that means no harmful pesticides or herbicides. Used in non-organic farming, these have been shown to build up in the body, causing toxicity and encouraging the development of disease.


  1. Free from Hormones and Antibiotics

Because grass-fed cattle enjoy the diet that nature intended, they’re less likely to get sick and need antibiotics – and they certainly aren’t given these as a preventative measure, same goes for harmful hormones. Instead, they grow and thrive naturally, without any funny business! Not only is this better for the animals but it also reduces exposure to harmful hormones and antibiotics for us.


  1. Tastes AMAZING!

Last but certainly not least, grass fed meat is packed with amazing meaty flavour that is a world apart from the taste of grain-fed. It’s naturally marbled with healthy fats but lower in overall fat, giving it a rich meaty flavour and tender texture that any steak supremo will admire!



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