Grass Fed, Free Range Meat and Ethical Butchery

  • Dry Aged Beef: Everything You Need To Know

    You've probably seen dry-aged beef on the menu at your local butchers or favourite steak house, but what exactly is it and is the higher cost justified? We're here to settle the beef when it comes to dry-aged meat and explain how we dry-age, why we dry-age and what's in it for you!
  • Why Eat Grass Fed Meat?

    Grass Fed is just the latest meaningless marketing ploy, right? WRONG! Grass fed meat is worlds apart in taste, texture, nutrition and even sustain...
  • 10 Reasons Why We Should Eat Fat

    Fat has been given a raw deal over the past few decades, paving the way for a bad reputation that it doesn’t deserve! We now know that healthy fats...
  • 10 Benefits of Eating Grass Fed Meat

    The amazing benefits of eating grass-fed meat make it the choice for you, the planet and the animals! Here’s ten great reasons to choose grass-fed ...
  • The Health Benefits of Skipping Breakfast

    Skip breakfast? But it’s the most important meal of the day, isn’t it? On the podium of breakfast, dinner and tea – somehow breakfast always take...
  • The Big Fat Surprise!

    Fat has always been a topic of hot discussion in the world of health and fitness. Once dubbed the devil of all nutrients, its reputation has gone full circle with more and more of us are adopting high-fat diets. Incorporating a range of healthy fats into your diet will provide a whole host of health benefits, but knowing which foods contain them is a must. Read on to clear the confusion and get your fat facts right!
  • The Health Benefits of Eating Red Meat

    Quality red meat that has been minimally processed is a rich source of several health-boosting nutrients. As with all processed foods, when we start adding additives, preservatives and other nasties the food gets further and further away from its natural state and less good for you. Choose red meat which is ethically raised, minimally processed and maximum quality!
  • The 7 Questions you MUST ask your Butcher Before Buying Steak

    Outlined below are the 7 most prominent questions to ask your butcher (according to us at Thomas Joseph Butchery) before running home to get that cast iron skillet on the heat!