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Free Range Poultry


      All of our poultry is sourced from Herb Fed in Yorkshire, Label Anglais in Coventry and Packington Free Range in Staffordshire.

      All three farms are renowned throughout the UK as some of the best in the industry for their quality, animal welfare and sustainability.

      Each farm allows their flock to roam freely all day meaning that they are truly Pasture-Raised. The birds are reared for over twice the time of a conventional bird, sometimes up to and beyond 80 days and the animal welfare on each farm is far surpassing that of even a commercial Organic Poultry Farm.

      Packington Free Range are fed a cereal and herb based diet, Herb Fed's birds are fed herbage along with their daily feed and Label Anglais are fed a corn rich diet - all three make up over 50% of their diet by foraging outside, as nature intended.

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