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Wagyu Range


      Wagyu has been synonymous with the very best for a long time, and for good reason. It's visually unparalleled, super marbled, full flavoured and has a melt in the mouth texture that brings customers back time and time again.

      In our Wagyu Range you will find our very most marbled meat, Wagyu produce and other unique breads from across the world that are out of this world. Listed below are a few of the areas that we source our Wagyu beef from:
      - UK Full-blood wagyu and wagyu crosses from Yorkshire, Kent and Sussex
      - Full-blood wagyu, Wx, Black Angus Reserve and Black Onyx from Australia
      - Kobe Beef and A5 Japanese Wagyu from Kagoshima*

      *Occasionally we are lucky enough to source Kobe and A5 Wagyu that meets our requirements, if interested please do give our shop a call or drop us an email to see what availability we have.