"Grass Fed Dry-Aged Beef" Thomas Joseph Butchery
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Of Ethically Sourced Dry-Aged Meat
"Dry-Aged Lamb" Thomas Joseph Butchery
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Of Ethically Sourced Dry-Aged Meat
 Thomas Joseph Butchery
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Of Ethically Sourced Dry-Aged Meat

Superior Produce, Ethically Sourced

Our business is based on two principles - Ethics & Quality. If it doesn't meet both, it doesn't make it onto the block. Simple

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"dry-aged pork" Thomas Joseph Butchery
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How Buying from Us works

Select Your Delivery Day

Add as much or as little to your basket then select the day that suits you most at checkout. We cut fresh the day before your delivery and vacuum seal 90% of our products giving you a shelf life of around 7 days. Standard delivery is free over £75.

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Packed & Delivered With Care

Our team of skilled butchers cut, prepare and pack your order with the utmost care to guarantee freshness. Your fully recyclable wool lined box is then sent on a Next Day service and will stay cold for up to 72 hours.

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Your Box Arrives

Your box can be left safe outside in it's insulated packaging if you are not able to get to it right away. Once opened, pop your meat straight into the fridge or freezer and you are good to go. Alternatively open what you have ordered straight away if you can't wait any longer. Enjoy!

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 Thomas Joseph Butchery

Why Choose

Thomas Joseph Butchery?

At TJB we have an unparalleled passion for the very best dry-aged meat.

We've worked tirelessly to find small producers of the finest sustainable produce that we dry-age in a unique style and then traditionally butcher as whole carcasses.

The farms we source from (including our own Coxtie Green Farm) are regenerative in their nature - all of the meat you purchase from us benefits the natural ecosystem and develops land for the future.

We have and will only ever support pasture-raised animals, grass-fed, organic and free range meat - when we say this is the best meat around, we mean it.

grass fed dry-aged rib of beef Thomas Joseph Butchery
The TJB Difference

At the forefront of what we do is traditional, bespoke, dry-aged butchery.

Many will talk convincingly about the perfect number of days to age produce and how it develops different flavour profiles as the age creeps up - sadly, most do not do any of this dry-ageing in house, relying solely on the quality of a wholesalers ageing ability.

Developing an in house method of truly dry-ageing meat is not easy but from day one at TJB that is what we set out to do. Having been successful on a small scale, our efforts have culminated in the design and build of our custom dry-ageing unit that is over 60 cubic meters! Built with fans fitted into the ceilings and a unique dehumidifying system, our chiller produces the perfect dry-aged crust on the outside of our meat. A crust so awesome, the majority of our customers buying Ribs of Beef ask us to keep on!

Hungarian Mangalitsa Pork Chop - "Wagyu Pork"

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Quite literally, the most incredible pork chop you have ever had the opportunity to snaffle. 

Along this journey we have been fortunate to find some of the very best meat across the world - and our Manga (as its known in the shop) is no different. Raised in Hungary where the breed dates back to, these are no ordinary chops! Truly incredible meat, out of this world flavour and a texture that cannot be found, well, anywhere......trust us, we've looked.

Always outdoor raised, always ethically sourced, always the very best.

Thank us later, when you've come back round after the first bite!

We cut our chops along the whole loin, pictured here are the rib end chops. Depending on where and when we cut, you may receive loin end chops which look marginally different.

Hungarian Mangalitsa Pork Chop - "Wagyu Pork" - Thomas Joseph Butchery - Ethical Dry-Aged Meat The Best Steak UK Thomas Joseph Butchery
TJB Gift Voucher - Thomas Joseph Butchery - Ethical Dry-Aged Meat The Best Steak UK Thomas Joseph Butchery

TJB Gift Voucher

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What better way to treat your loved ones than with one of our gift vouchers.

Simply select the value you desire and await receipt into your inbox.

Once purchased, you will receive a confirmation email with the voucher code that is unique for you to redeem online at checkout, all vouchers are valid for 12 months.


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