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Why Choose TJB?

At TJB we have an unparalleled passion for the very best dry-aged meat. Having worked tirelessly to find niche producers of the finest produce that is ethically and responsibly sourced, we then practice traditional whole animal butchery and dry-age that produce in a way that is completely unique. The farms we source from (including our own Coxtie Green Farm) are regenerative in their nature, meaning that all of the meat you purchase from us benefits the natural ecosystem and develops land for the future. We have and will only ever support pasture-raised animals, grass-fed meat, organic and free range meat - when we say this is the best meat around, we mean it.

Superior Produce, Ethically Sourced

The TJB Difference

At the forefront of what we do is traditional, bespoke, dry-aged butchery.

Many will talk convincingly about the perfect number of days to age produce and how it develops different flavour profiles as the age creeps up - sadly, most do not do any of this dry-ageing in house, relying solely on the quality of a wholesalers ageing ability.

Developing an in house method of truly dry-ageing meat is not easy but from day one at TJB that is what we set out to do. Having been successful on a small scale, our efforts have culminated in the design and build of our custom dry-ageing unit that is over 60 cubic meters! Built with fans fitted into the ceilings and a unique dehumidifying system, our chiller produces the perfect dry-aged crust on the outside of our meat. A crust so awesome, the majority of our customers buying Ribs of Beef ask us to keep on!

The Best Quality Dry-Aged Meat

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Customer Testimonial

"The lamb leg was a triumph. Best I've ever had.

David, C.

Customer Testimonial

"I don't see the point in eating out anymore now that I have found you!"

Victoria, B.

Customer Testimonial

"Just superb, the beef we've had is brilliant, every time"

Chris, A.

Customer Testimonial

"I could not be happier with the look, feel and smell of the meat. Thanks very much."

Christian, C.

Customer Testimonial

"Your Instagram page brightens my day!"

C, Reeves.