Ex Dairy Beef - Why It Should Be On Your Plate

As you know, TJB is synonymous with Ethically-Raised Meat of the Highest Quality. So when we stumbled upon Ex Dairy Beef a few years ago, we knew we were onto a winner. Read on below to find out what ex dairy means, how it is different and the options we have on offer at TJB.

Ex Dairy Ribeye

What is Ex Dairy?

5-10 years ago, Ex Dairy meat wouldn't have been spoken about. Sadly, even today, many old school (stuck in their ways) butchers still do not see its true value as some of the best meat on offer, anywhere in the world. It is important to note that when we talk about Ex Dairy meat at TJB we mean cattle that have once worked in the dairy industry and then been retired on pasture for a minimum of 12 months to fully rest before making their way to us. This is extremely important to note, if this retiring phase is not implemented the beef will not be classed as premium due to the fact that the cow has worked tirelessly in a milking parlour and not been given the time to relax. The deep intramuscular fat and flavour can only be developed when the animal is stress free - which is exactly what will happen after 12 months plus away from "work". Beware of the imitations, the beef will be tough and chewy, not what you were hoping for!

How is it Different?

Being raised on pasture and grass fed it's entire life means two things. Firstly, the flavour is another level. True beefiness, incomparable with anything else. Secondly, its ethically sound. The cattle and farms we work with are regenerative in nature, meaning that the farming provides for better grass and surrounding ecosystem, carbon negative production and a better future for us all.

In terms of the meat, the showstopping flavour is coupled with a texture that has more bite to it. Each mouthful of this fantastic beef is a true pleasure and again is something that 99% of meat eaters will not have had the opportunity to snaffle. Animals that have lived to 5 or 7 years old have eaten a LOT of grass and matured on the bone for 2-3 times the length of time a standard animal will have, packing a serious amount of flavour!

Ex Dairy Meat

Options at TJB?

Ex Dairy has been at the forefront of what we do from the moment we found out about it. At TJB you can find all the steak options in our Gran Reserva Range. But for ease, we have put them below for you to easily navigate to.

Ex Dairy Ribeye

Ex Dairy Rib On The Bone

Ex Dairy Sirloin On The Bone

We hope the information above was useful and informative. If there is anything else that you would like to know or other cuts you would like feel free to message us or give the shop a call.



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