Why Eat Grass Fed Meat?

Grass Fed is just the latest meaningless marketing ploy, right? WRONG! Grass fed meat is worlds apart in taste, texture, nutrition and even sustainability compared with its grain-fed counterpart. By choosing Grass Fed you are choosing quality, premium taste and to be an ethical and sustainable meat-eater. Here’s why…




  1. It’s Good for the Animals

Animals that are Grass Fed have the freedom to roam all day in their natural environment, grazing on Mother Nature’s pasture as and when they feel like it. They’re given the fresh air, natural diet and exercise they need to live happy and healthy lives.

Research has shown that Grass Fed, free range animals experience less stress and are less likely to fall ill. They’re also protected from unnecessary human contact, with fewer human touch-points to allow them the space and privacy they innately need and deserve.

What’s more, Grass Fed farming ensures that animals are raised free from hormones and preventative antibiotics – for the good of the animal and us.


  1. It’s Good for the Planet

Choosing to eat Grass Fed meat is your number one ticket to becoming a sustainable meat eater. Pasture for life meat is the gold standard of Grass Fed ensuring the animal is grass fed for life and not just some of it. This method of farming has been shown to have a net positive impact on the environment as it produces fewer emissions an fewer greenhouse gases.

The principles of Grass Fed farming, such as rotational grazing and steering clear of herbicides and pesticides also naturally protect precious ecosystems and promote biodiversity of wildlife.


  1. It’s Good for YOU!

Last but not least, Grass Fed meat has a superior nutritional profile compared with grain fed. Grass Fed meat is higher in…

  • Vitamins – A, E and all of the B Vitamins
  • Minerals – Magnesium, Phosphorus and Calcium
  • Healthy Fats – Up to 50% higher in heart healthy Omega-3 and also provides a better balance of Omega-3 to Omega-6 (which reduces inflammation), also higher in Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) which has many amazing health benefits
  • Antioxidants – Such as Glutathione and Beta-Carotene, which protect us from damage and prevent disease

As well as being higher in the things we do like, grass fed meat is also free from some of the nasties you’d find in barn reared, grain fed meat; such as hormones, antibiotics and allergens.


  1. It Tastes AMAZING!

Grass Fed meat is naturally marbled with healthy fat but has a lower fat content overall, which makes for a rich meaty flavour paired with a mouth-wateringly tender texture – the ideal meaty combo! The high mineral content of Grass Fed meat has been found to produce a ‘meatier’ flavour, helping to maximise flavour however the meat is cooked.


The choice is clear when it comes to choosing the best meat for you, the planet and the animals – not to mention your taste buds! Remember to look out for the Pasture for Life mark or ask your expert butcher for their best grass fed meat next time you’re planning on cooking up a storm!

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