Grass Fed Fillet Steak & Triple Cooked Chips Recipe

A perfectly cooked steak with crispy, fluffy chips is one of life's finest pleasures. It’s easy to recreate this classic dish at home with some tips and tricks to do your wonderful steak justice.

Dry aged fillet steak

The Perfect Steak, Every Time
Many people are nervous about cooking steak and getting it just right, but it’s actually one of the quickest and easiest ways to enjoy meat.
Begin by using a thick-bottomed frying pan, cast iron skillet or griddle pan. These get super hot and retain that heat so you can get the best crust and caramelisation on your meat.
Heat the pan on high and prepare your meat by seasoning your steak generously with sea salt, don't add pepper until after as this will burn during the cook. Add some grass fed butter to your pan before cooking as it is a stable fat that won't burn at hot temperatures and tastes great!
Getting your temperature right
Ensure you get your steak to room temp before cooking so that the average temperature throughout the meat is not fridge cold - this allows the meat to cook evenly and far quicker.
For the average fillet steak that we sell you will need to cook for approx. 2-3 mins each side (rare), 3-4 mins each side (medium rare) or 4-5 mins each side (medium). Ensure you turn regularly to coat the meat in the hot butter allowing the required time for total cooking on each side.
Steak connoisseurs will get to know how well a steak is cooked by how soft and springy it feels when pressed with a finger but the best way to tell is to use a thermometer - 45-50 rare, 50-55 medium rare, 55-60 medium.
Now it's time to rest up
Once cooked, place on a wooden board or wire rack and allow to rest for 5 minutes (or as long as you can wait!) before carving into slices or serving. Don’t let those delicious juices go to waste either – scrape them right off the board and onto your steak to harness their amazing flavour.

Triple cooked chips
What’s the Hype with Triple-Cooked Chips? 
You may think triple-cooked chips have seen their day along with slate serving plates and wire baskets of fries, but there’s a reason this cooking method is still the most popular.
Triple cooking your chips is the ultimate method to ensure a crispy, golden outside and soft, fluffy inside. When you’re cooking a great quality meat like steak it makes sense to serve it with the premium accompaniments it deserves!
We promise these triple cooked chips will live up to all your expectations - and that you won’t want to cook your Organic Bakers potatoes any other way in future. 
Grass Fed, Organic & Free-Range Steak
We believe that all meat should be grass-fed, organic and free range for optimal quality and animal welfare. When it comes to steak, the difference is clear in the taste and texture of the meat, which is incomparable to its grain-fed counterpart.
Our cattle roam free in their natural environment, eating a diet of fresh grass, haylage and silage, just as nature intended. The result is a beef which is tender, marbled with fat and rich in flavour as well as more nutrient-dense.
Hungry yet? Here's the recipe.

Steak and chips recipe
We use grass fed fillet steak in this recipe. It’s the most tender cut and cooked right you should be able to eat it was a spoon! We’re cooking it medium-rare for maximum flavour and a buttery smooth texture.
Instead of making a sauce, we’re basting our steak in Sublime Butter Béarnaise which is made using the classic flavours of tarragon, vinegar, lemon juice, bay leaves, pink Himalayan salt and ground white pepper.
If you’re cooking a different kind of steak, you can follow the same basic principles in this recipe and simply adjust the cooking times.
Triple Cooked Chips
  1. Peel the potatoes and slice into chips around 5cm long and 1cm thick
  2. Add to a pan of cold, salted water – bring to the boil and simmer for 8-10 minutes until soft but not cooked through
  3. Drain the chips and shake them in the pan with the lid on - to fluff-up the edges
  4. Heat the vegetable oil in a large saucepan until it reaches around 150C then add the chips in batches, cooking for 6-8 minutes until golden
  5. Set aside and allow to drain onto kitchen paper
  6. Whilst the steaks rest, reheat the potato oil until it is very hot (around 180C) and cook your chips for the third and final time for around 5 minutes – allow to drain onto kitchen paper
  7. Season your chips with salt and pepper and serve up with the rested steak, topping the steak with its juices if desired
You can of course serve your steak and chips with a side of veggies and your favourite steak sauce, or you can always keep things simple and enjoy your amazing steak and chips as simple and perfect as they are!
Shopping List Essentials
You can get the finest Organic ingredients and Grass Fed Fillet Steak from our online shop. They’re all you need to create this amazing recipe, simply add your store cupboard staples, set the table and get your apron on!