How to Make Barbecue Kebabs 3 Ways in Just 15 Minutes

Prepare a barbecue feast for friends and family effortlessly with the very best quality marinated meat - all you need to do is fire up the flames.

Something for Everyone
The key to a crowd-pleasing barbecue feast is to include variety and options for your guests to choose from
So, we always like to have a few plates spinning when it comes to the main attraction of any barbecue - the meat.
The good news is that we have done all the hard work for you - preparing delicious and ready to cook barbecue kebabs that the whole family will enjoy.
All that's left to do is cook over a hot grill until succulent, juicy and piping hot. Then be ready with your tongs for when empty plates come back demanding more.
Beautiful Grass Fed Minted Lamb Kebabs
When it comes to barbecuing, lamb is a much under-utilised meat with heaps of potential.
Our Grass Fed, Free Range lamb is diced and seasoned with fresh mint sauce - bringing you a classic flavour combo that is only amplified by cooking on the barbie.
Grass Fed Minted Lamb Kebabs are the perfect option when the sun is shining and you can't face staying copped up indoors to cook a Sunday roast.
Trust us, everyone will be more than happy with these finger-licking, delicious alternatives which you can enjoy al fresco.
Grass fed lamb kebabs
Crowd-pleasing Free Range Herb Fed Chicken Skewers
We use only the finest Free Range, Herb Fed chicken breasts to make our sumptuous skewers.
Our birds feast on a diet of natural herbs and forage, and are slow grown for the gold standard of flavour and juicy, tender meat.
Choose from Peri Peri or BBQ marinated Free Range Herb Fed Chicken Skewers. We love to cook both, so that there's even more choice for your guests - and because we love both in equal measure!
Piri Piri has a traditional spicy, sweet and sour flavour with a medium spice level. Our BBQ marinade is less spicy, with the smoky and sweet flavours we know and love.
Herb fed chicken skewers
Here's the recipe.
  1. Fire up your barbecue or grill to a medium-high heat around 200C
  2. Place your skewers onto the grill, leaving adequate space between each to allow the flames to do their magic
  3. Cook for 10-15 minutes turning each skewer every couple of minutes, allowing the meat to get nice and golden on each side
  4. Serve hot and enjoy!
Top Tip 💡
If you have a smaller barbecue or grill, simply cook in batches using the same method above.
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