How To Cook The Perfect Steak...

Just bought a steak? Here's what to do next!

One must assume that the art of cooking a steak has been debated upon for as long as man (and women) can remember. Everyone has their own way; the perfect temperature, the type of fat or oil used, the pan, the cooking appliances, the thermometer....the list goes on! But today, what we are going to share right here, right now is your GO-TO-GUIDE on how to cook any steak under any circumstance. Read on and you'll have the tools required to cook that bad-ass steak to perfection in the comfort of your own home 💪🏻.

how to cook a steak to perfection galician prime rib

Number 1 - get that steak out of the fridge and warming up to room temp....will probably take around 30 mins in summer and an hour in the colder months. this allows the steak to relax and soften, making the cook not as contrasting or harsh and of course, a bit quicker!

Number 2 - fire up the grill or get your pan silly hot! There are two ways to cook a steak, on your grill (we use the awesome BIG GREEN EGG) or on a super hot iron skillet/grill. Either way is good but don't be fooled into using a non stick pan, the non stick isn't required and at these temperatures it can burn off! Trust us, you don't want to be eating non-stick pan flakes! It goes without saying that if you are using your grill, good quality charcoal is of paramount importance when lighting a BBQ, BGE do some pretty awesome coals and chips!

ex dairy finnish ayrshire steak of the year

Number 3 - good quality saturated fat is vital. Grass-fed butter or coconut oil is perfect, we think butter gives a melt in the mouth creaminess but thats personal preference. Once you pan is smoking hot, in with the butter 💥

A note on saturated fat...

Sat fat has now been proven to not be the devil as was once thought. Our brain is 60% sat fat, it lines every cell of our body and is so vital for hormone production that without it, we would DIE. Oh and cholesterol, that too is where our hormones are made, so reduce it at your peril! (some great places for this research are, - here you can find all the info necessary to back up our outlandish claims 😊 )

Number 4 - season with salt only, and give it a good rub. Pepper burns in the cooking process at such high temperatures, so leave the grinding til after you've finished your cook! Salt both sides and give them a good rub, and once done, get it on top of that melting butter!

ex dairy ribeye dry aged

Number 5 - Hit the pan, give it approx 1 min on each side until done, turning as you go. For plus size steaks, a thermometer is vital! For "normal" size steaks, use the below guide for cooking:

- 4 mins total for medium rare
- 4-6 mins for medium
- over 6 mins for well done (sacrilege!)

For bigger steaks, use the thermometer:

- 50 degrees, for medium rare
- 57 degrees, for medium
- 62 degrees, for well done (sacrilege!)

Number 6 - Let that baby rest! without question the most underrated part of the deal, resting allows the juices to flow and sit within the muscle belly. Think about the cooking process as making everything tense up and get tough, then as you take the heat away and stop the steak from screaming out steam the muscle relaxes and the juices start to sit within your steak. Now, make sure you don't leave your steak anywhere cold, by a hot stove or out in the sunshine is fine but if its a tad chilly get some foil out and cover it. We suggest a minimum of 5 mins for "normal" steaks and for larger ones its at least 10 mins and up to 20.

Number 7 - EAT! Go for it, attack it til your heart's content! Season again with salt and cracked black pepper, you should always let the steak do the talking with it's own flavour. Sauces are lovely, on the side, but no steak worth its own weight deserves being pounded with a concoction of contradictory flavours and ingredients.....the whole point of buying the best produce is so that the flavour shines through, so let it work its own magic, sit back and enjoy every last bite!