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DIY Beef Bone Broth Kit

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Love Beef Bone Broth? Always wanted to make it? Well now you can!

Bone broth has been known for generations to have immune boosting benefits and healthful effects due to the simmering process bringing all of the goodness (vitamins, minerals and collagen protein) from the bones out into the water. So why not make your own from our grass fed beef bones - there really could not be a better time to boost your immune system and make your own bone broth. It's very cost effective too!

The recipe below should yield 3-4 litres of broth, for £16, less than £5 a litre!

Our DIY Beef Bone Broth Kit has everything you need to make an awesome beef broth, all that's left to do is decide what vegetables (if any) to add to it.

One Box contains:

Beef Bones - 2kg
Grass Fed, Dry-Aged Mince - 500g
Beef Marrow Bone - 1 split bone
Seasonal Herbs - 50g

Simply roast the beef bones and the mince with some vegetables (if desired) on a high heat and once browned add to a pan with water. Ensure their is at least 5cm of water above the top of the bones, bring to the boil and then simmer or leave in a very low oven (85 degrees) for 12-24 hours, job's a gooden!

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