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35 Day Aged Wild River Wagyu T-Bone, BMS 8+

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Full Blood Wagyu is hardly ever aged, simply down to the fact that it is so expensive. As we age beef, or any other meat for that matter, we lose product weight and incur costs associated with keeping the meat for a period of time between 0-3 degrees with perfect airflow and altering the atmosphere to take away excess moisture.

Long story short - it makes meat incredibly tasty and with a different flavour profile but far more expensive.

We decided to age this piece because its hardly ever done, so why not? What we have aged is a Full Blood Wild River Wagyu Short Loin, comprising of T-Bone and Sirloin on the Bone. The ageing process has not only developed the flavour profile and secondary aged characteristics but over 35 days increased the texture, providing for what we think is some seriously good, one off Wagyu!

Quite frankly, this is an absolutely cracking piece!

PS - we will trim the aged side for you, unless you'd like it left on ;)


Wild River Wagyu has been hand-crafted over generations to produce some of the very best wagyu in the world. With over 40 years of experience in the Australian beef industry, Wild River own and operate each step of the production process - from breeding and cattle selection through to finishing and processing, Wild River provide complete traceability, guaranteeing to produce a 8+ Marble Score every time.

It goes without saying, Wild River Wagyu is an exceptional piece of meat.


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