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Grass Fed Dry-Aged Rolled Sirloin

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Taken from the Loin of the beast, many would argue that the Sirloin is the true prime steak on the carcass. Boasting marbling throughout, our Rolled Sirloin is a fantastic roasting joint with an unparalleled combination of tenderness and flavour without the mess for any bones.

Dry-Aged for a minimum of 32 Days, our Rolled Sirloin is tender, full of flavour and a delight to eat at any day during the week. For those wanting something a little special, opt for our 45 or 60 day range using the drop down menu.

All of our Grass Fed Beef is sourced from Native Cattle, Born and Raised in the UK on farms that we know and trust. Farms that align with our ethos and work with nature to not only produce the very highest quality meat but pave the way for sustainability with regenerative practices.

Without question, this is some of the best Pasture-Raised meat in the UK, bred on small independent farms that encompass everything that TJB believes in.

A firm favourite when it comes to steaks, the sirloin is tender and packed with flavour. As you can imagine - this is a serious piece of meat to be roasting among your loved ones. If you want all the flavour and style but with no messy bones in the way, then this is surely for you!

Wonderfully tender, our rolled sirloin cuts like butter with a rich beefiness that goes hand in hand with our ethically raised, grass fed produce.

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