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50 Day Dry-Aged Olive Fed Wagyu

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One that I have been personally excited about since our last piece, an incredible Body of Olive Fed Wagyu from our friends at Freedown Hills in Yorkshire. This was the fastest selling piece of UK Wagyu that we have had and for good reason!

The cattle are fed an Olive based ration that is trademarked by Freedown along with their silage and of course grass on pasture. Not only does the Olive based ration provide vitamins and minerals that are not readily available from the ground but also creates a unique buttery flavour and texture profile within the meat itself. (Quite honestly, after the last piece that we had in I can assure you that this was the best piece of UK wagyu that I have ever eaten - so there will be one steak that is not available!)

As you can see from the kill date (20 May 2021) this piece is just over 50 days at the time of writing. When I took a look in our chillers this morning, 50 Days looked perfect - just enough to fully enhance the meat but not too much that it would overpower the delicate Wagyu flavour.

Cuts available:

Bone In Prime Rib
Bone In Sirloin

Feel free to enquire about this piece but please be quick as this is sure to sell out soon.

*Bone In Prime Rib Pictured

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