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Grass Fed, Dry-Aged Rib Chop

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Taken from the Prime section of the beast, our Rib Chop is the brother to our best-selling Cote De Boeuf. Cut directly from one of our wonderful Fore-Ribs, the steaks boasts great flavour and is the perfect sharing steak for two on the weekend.

Dry-aged for a minimum of 32 days in our bespoke Dry-Ageing facilities, the Rib Chop has natural marbling running throughout that bastes the meat during cooking. Coupled with our dry-ageing process and hand picked cattle selection, the meat boasts unparalleled tenderness and flavour.

Cut on the bone for maximum flavour we think this is one of the tastiest steaks that we do. If you are wanting to try something with a real punch, opt for our 45 or 60 Day Aged steaks - they are sure to be a step on.

All of our Grass Fed Beef is sourced from Native Cattle, Born and Raised in the UK on farms that we know and trust. Farms that align with our ethos and work with nature to not only produce the very highest quality meat but pave the way for sustainability with regenerative practices.

Without question, this is some of the best Pasture-Raised meat in the UK, bred on small independent farms that encompass everything that TJB believes in.

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