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Organic Veg, Fruit and Salad Box

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Our Organic Veg, Fruit and Salad Box is a mixture across the board of everything that we buy in each week - the best all round box that we do. Each week we hand select fruit and veg from organic farms, bringing you only the most fresh produce that meets our standards.

The biggest benefit of the box being that each and every week we select different veggies, fruit and salad, giving you and your family variety without the hassle of choosing it yourself. 

Our organic veg is nothing less than exemplary. Sourced in the UK and Europe from farms that work with nature without pesticides or herbicides, this is how all veggies should taste.

Each box is created with 8 types of fruit, veg and salad. Your box will contain a complete mixture across every range that we get in fresh each week.

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