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Spring Broth - Beef Tea

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Our friends over at Spring Broth have done it again with their Beef Tea! Made solely from Thomas Joseph Butchery grass fed, dry-aged beef and bones, this broth is special!

Beef Tea - A rich, complex and peppery beef bone broth crafted with +28 dry aged shin meat and rib bones sourced from cattle reared outdoors, and grass fed for life in the British Isles.  The flavour is further deepened with caramelised onion, Portobello mushrooms, red wine vinegar, tarragon and chervil.

Like fine wine and cheese, meat also benefits from an ageing process which enables a transformation in flavour compounds and intensifies the meatiness, giving a unique, complex, rich and nutty flavour profile to the beef.

All that's required is a pinch of Himalayan salt and crack of fresh pepper once boiled and you are good to go! Drink it on it’s own, use it for stocks and gravies or use it as a base for your own soup, the choices are endless, give one a try today!

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